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5 Ways Your Dog Keeps YOU Healthy

Here at Head & Heal, we are obsessed with our dogs...

We always knew they made our lives better, but did you know there’s science to back it up? Read on to find out the legit reasons to become a dog mom or dad! PS: We love dogs so much, we made our own Pet CBD line!

1. They make you happy

Dogs increase your levels of oxytocin - one of our happy hormones. According to studies, simply interacting with your furry friend can help turn a bad mood into a cheery one.

2. They relieve stress

Research shows that petting a dog can also decrease your stress hormone, cortisol. Less cortisol = less stress, which makes a happier human. Meanwhile, long-term increased cortisol is not something we want - it’s linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and other chronic diseases.

3. They help you live longer

Studies show that dog owners are likely to live longer than those without a pup. Why? Scientists think it’s partially because dog owners get more physical activity. Walking the dog doesn’t sound so bad, now!

4. They help you make friends

Your dog can help expand your social circle. According to studies, pet owners are 60% more likely than non–pet owners to get to know people in their neighborhoods they hadn’t known before.

5. They give you purpose

Taking care of a living thing can feel really rewarding - and even give us a sense of purpose. This is important because when humans lack purpose - it often has a negative effect on mental and physical health. Focusing on taking care of your pup cuts down on time for stress and negativity!

Want to learn about adopting an animal in need of a home? Visit the Humane Society of the United States website.

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