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2021 NYS Cannabis Update

Check out the highlights of 2021 - including LEGALIZATION!

We also included a small sampling of articles and TV shows that our owners and company were mentioned in. We're so grateful to have been a part of this historic movement with so much more to come on the horizon.

We hope you stay along for the ride and happy almost-2022!

January 6: Cuomo expected to lay out recreational marijuana plan for New York

New York Cannabis Growers & Processors Association President Allan Gandelman said there is no more time to wait as neighboring states legalize adult-use cannabis.


Jan 20: NY pot tax to go higher as weed gets stronger

Head & Heal co-owner Allan weighs in on this controversial way of taxing cannabis; by the amount of THC in the product.


Feb 24: NY open for hemp business thanks to regulations crafted with help by Cortland farm

Allan speaks on TV about his role in recent regulations. Main Street Farms and its hemp subsidiary Head & Heal, both in Cortland, helped the State craft the program and its regulations.


Feb 24: Allan gives testimony to NYS Senate about proposed plan for a legalized, adult-use, recreational cannabis.

Allan touches on things that won't work for small farmers and asks for clarity on how and when the state will give out licenses.


March 31: New York Legalizes Recreational Marijuana, Tying Move to Racial Equity

Under the law, 40 percent of tax revenue from cannabis will be steered to minority communities that had disproportionate numbers of marijuana arrests.


April 14: Swap the crop? New York hemp farmers eager to grow marijuana

Many hemp farmers are motivated to move into marijuana not only because of their familiarity with the flower, but a crash in commodity prices driven by oversupply. Even growers who have succeeded in the retail market for CBD, like Gandelman, see marijuana as integral to their future.


April 26: Allan named to “Top 27 cannabis industry power players”

Business Insider highlights Allan's work on hemp-related legislation in NYS.


Sept 1: Governor Hochul Announces Confirmations of Tremaine Wright and Christopher Alexander to Lead Implementation of the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act

Tremaine Wright to Serve as Chair of Cannabis Control Board; Christopher Alexander to Serve as Executive Director of Office of Cannabis Management.


Sept 3: New York Cannabis Rollout Moves Ahead, But Roadblocks Remain

Allan weighs in on how small biz owners are going to have a hard time competing with large corporate cannabis companies from out of state - which have already started investing in real estate and other resources around New York.


Sept 12: Allan named to “Agriculture Power 50” list

Allan is recognized for his work as a farmer, as head of the NYCGPA, as a tireless advocate for hemp legislation and as a friend to growers, processors, retailers, prospective license holders and others involved in the state’s growing cannabis industry.


Sept 14: Allan & Karli snag the Hemp Grower magazine cover

The feature story details how the duo started, everything they have accomplished and where their multiple companies plan to go in the future, including adult-use, recreational cannabis.


Sept 28: Our farm hosts NYS Senator Jeremy Cooney

Cooney is on the Marijuana Task Force, which will play a critical role in ensuring Black and Brown communities benefit from the lagalization of adult-use, recreational cannabis.

Sept 29: Karli and Allan travel to NYC to speak at “Business of Cannabis: NY” conference

Allan & Karli listened to panels of experts, mingled with industry members and Allan even got the opportunity to share his NYCGPA experience with the crowd. They met members of the legacy market (a unique component of the NYC market) and discussed how to put NY’s social equity-focused legislation into place.


Oct 5th: Cannabis Control Board has their 1st public meeting

The board officially appointed Jason Starr to serve as the Chief Equity Officer of the Office of Cannabis Management.


November 13: Allan interviews Senator Liz Krueger at Revelry conference

This NYC conference was for anyone interested in learning about obtaining licenses - and geared toward social equity applicant. Allan interviewed Liz about the state of NY cannabis and where she sees it going in the future.


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