Head & Heal
Lab Results

Head & Heal
Lab Results

How to Read Lab Results...
and why it's important.

In this video, our founder and CEO, Karli, will walk you through how to read a lab result, and why it's important.


Is the product as strong as it says it is?

Lab results test for potency, and a good company will test every single batch to prove potency. Due to lack of regulation in the CBD industry, a study by Penn Medicine showed that 70% of products are mislabeled. This means you could be paying top dollar for a bogus product. Our lab results verify potency.


Is the product full spectrum?

The highest quality CBD contains minor cannabinoids like Δ9THC, CBG, and CBN as well as terpenes like β-Caryophyllene, α Bisabolol, and α Humulene. CBD is like wine, in that every batch is a little different depending on variety and vintage. You always want to check a lab results to look at the minor cannabinoid profile as well as understand what beneficial terpenes are in the product.


Is the product pure?

Because hemp is a bio-accumulator, if the soil has heavy metals like arsenic or lead, or has been sprayed with pesticides, a CBD product could be tainted, and be very dangerous for people with compromised immune systems. Our lab results prove that our products are free of impurities like heavy metals, pesticides, and microbials.

How to Find Your Lab Result

Step 1: Find Your Batch Number
Batch numbers can be found on the exterior box as well as on the label on the bottle on the back.

Step 2: Find Your Lab Result
Hit "⌘ + F"
on your keyboard to pull up the finder and type in your batch number.

You should find it in the list below. If you can't find your batch number for some reason, reach out to our support team.

Third Party Lab Results

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