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CBD for Dogs with Arthritis: What You Should Know

Dog lovers know that there’s no mistaking a happy pup — a vigorously wagging tail and oodles of energy are surefire signs of joy in our four-legged friends. Unfortunately, it tends to be a lot less obvious when our dogs aren’t feeling good, and there’s a scientific reason why. Pups may suppress outward signals of pain to protect themselves and their social standing in the pack. 

This can be quite challenging when dogs are suffering from chronic pain related to arthritis and other conditions. But there may be a solution you haven’t considered: CBD. In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of CBD for pets to help you determine whether this course of action is the right one for your canine companion.

Canine Arthritis: The Facts

Arthritis in dogs is extremely common, affecting one in four pets in the U.S. It’s especially common in senior dogs and large breeds, but it can occur in pups at any age. Just like human arthritis, canine arthritis is degenerative, meaning it worsens with time. It occurs when the cartilage in your dog’s joints begins to deteriorate, causing inflammation, pain and decreased range of motion. 

Since dogs can be shy about expressing pain, it may be tough to spot the early signs of canine arthritis. With that said, some common indicators that your buddy may be in pain include stiffness, lameness, lethargy and loss of muscle mass. Because pups who don’t feel good tend to be more reluctant to play as they once did, they may also gain a bit of extra weight.

Can CBD Help with Arthritis in Dogs? 

In the same way that taking a few drops of CBD oil before bed can make you feel comfortable and relaxed, CBD helps your furry friend enjoy fast relief. Each treat or drop of oil contains a safe amount of pet-friendly cannabinoids, which are known to provide anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety effects, which may help relieve discomfort associated with arthritis, aging and exercise, helping your pup live out his golden years with glory.

Due to the prohibition of marijuana, there’s not yet a wide body of research illustrating the many powerful effects of this age-old medicinal plant. With that said, we do have some research to show that CBD can help ease pain in pups with osteoarthritis. In one study conducted by Baylor College of Medicine, dogs who took CBD to treat arthritis experienced a significant improvement in mobility and quality of life. Researchers who conducted the study believe that the CBD helped address underlying inflammatory issues, leading to long-term relief.

CBD dog treats

How Does It Work?

How does CBD work in dogs? Simply put, CBD contains non-psychoactive compounds (meaning they won’t make your dog feel “high” in any way) which interact with his/her endocannabinoid receptors within the nervous system. The endocannabinoid system’s primary role is to help keep the body in a happy, balanced state, so these receptors have a big impact on things like pain, mood and sleep.

How to Use CBD for Dog Arthritis

Relieving your pet’s arthritis could be as simple as giving him some CBD dog treats each day or sneaking a few drops of oil in his food. The best part is, since it has minimal side effects, you can integrate it into his daily diet and you don’t have to rely on him telling you when he doesn’t feel good (because he may not). Here’s how to use CBD to treat arthritis in dogs. 


CBD Dog Treats

Try CBD treats in a flavor he’ll love, such as peanut butter or bacon and cheddar. How much CBD you give your dog each day should depend on his size. A rough serving guide is about 10 milligrams of CBD per 20 pounds. Here’s how many CBD treats to give your dog each day:

  • UNDER 20 POUNDS: 2 treats or 10 MG of CBD
  • 25 TO 50 POUNDS: 4 treats or 20 MG of CBD
  • OVER 75 POUNDS: 6 treats or 30 MG of CBD

CBD Oil for Dogs

Got a picky eater? Try CBD oil. There’s special pet-safe CBD oil for dogs that may be a better bet for pups who struggle with new treats or who are on a calorie-restricted diet. Drops are a breeze to hide in your pup’s food for easy administration.

Our CBD oil for dogs comes in small, medium and large dog options for the right serving size. You can also use these oils for cats suffering from arthritis. We’ve made it easy to give your pet the right amount of CBD each day with sizes for small dogs (and cats)medium dogs and large dogs.


Talking to Your Vet About CBD

It’s important to note that, in some states, veterinarians are not allowed to bring up the use of CBD in pets. This leaves curious pet-owners in the dark on CBD and its potential for helping ease their pet’s pain. However, laws are changing. In fact, a new law in Michigan would allow vets to bring up cannabis use as a treatment in animals.

Easing the Pain for a Long, Happy Life

Our pets are not unlike other members of the family in that they’ve got complex needs and feelings. They experience boredom, loneliness, pain and joy as much the rest of us. Unfortunately, unlike our two-legged members, our pups can’t tell us when they don’t feel good. Integrating healthy, pet-safe CBD treats into your pet’s routine is a great way to provide the support he needs to thrive each and every day.

Pet Reviews

"Our 12 year old chocolate lab has arthritis. We’ve been using Head &Heal CBD oil for almost a year now. She seems more comfortable and I don’t have to give her as many of her NSAID pain pills. And it’s produced here in central New York- that’s a plus!"

Doris K.

“My 5 year old has epilepsy, anxiety and arthritis. Almost immediately after giving her the CBD treats she was acting like a puppy again. Many people have seen the change in her. The treats are worth trying!"

Ann B.

“Rufio was diagnosed with epilepsy three years ago and has seizures every 6-8 weeks... until we started giving him CBD at each feeding. His seizure are months apart now and last half the time they did before he was taking CBD. He is also on two other prescriptions to keep them under control but we didn’t see a noticeable change until CBD was introduced.

We work closely with his vet to manage his epilepsy and she was totally on board with trying it. It’s super important to keep them in the loop - they’re there for a reason!

I feel like it’s helping with his joint pain as he gets older, too. He’s almost 9 and is still super active.”

Alicia G.

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