Active Adventurer!

Active Adventurer,

You're the explorers, the movers and shakers, the hobbyists, crafters, and makers. You're the get-up-and-go generation, so we know how hard it can be when chronic pain slows your roll.

At your best:  

Active, agile, on the move

When you're stressed:

Chronic aches and pains can make it hard to do the things you love to do

How Head & Heal can help:

Optimal health, powered by plants.

Whether it's due to surgery, illness, or the aches that come with wisdom and age, constant pain can throw a real wrench in your day. It can keep you from enjoying your hobbies, spending time with your loved ones, or making and keeping plans. Our hemp-based products help maintain optimal health and could be a holistic alternative to NSAIDs and other pain meds, as they may help relieve occasional stiffness and soreness.

Hand Picked Products Recommended For You

Plant-Powered Movement and Agility

Get All 3
and Save $20

The Relief Kit

• 1200mg CBD Oil
• Lotion
• Small Balm

Originally $132, now $112

1200mg CBD Oil

Start each morning with a dropper of our best-selling CBD tincture, which starts as hemp seeds on our organic farm. This full spectrum oil is rich in beneficial compounds and has an earthy taste.


Unscented CBD Lotion

A light and smooth blend of our farm-grown hemp and organic ingredients to soothe tired muscles and promote relaxation. Our CBD lotion is USDA organic certified.


CBD Balm (Small)

A calming CBD balm you can keep in your purse or pocket. Just apply to any stiff joints or sore spots the way you would chapstick. Your pick—lavender, spruce, or unscented.


The Rise and Shine Mobility Routine

This relief routine is designed to support your endocannabinoid (en-doh-cuh-nab-in-oid) system, or ECS. The ECS is a system in our body that plays a role in our overall health, and cannabinoids (cuh-nab-in-oids) can support our ECS and promote and maintain optimal health.

2. Take your dose at the same time each morning to create a consistent routine

3. Combine your CBD with a gentle morning activity to get you moving, like taking a walk, getting out in the garden, or simply stretching.

4. After your morning activity: check-in with your body. If you notice any areas of tension or pain that need extra plant-powered support, you can apply our topical lotion directly to the source for targeted relief


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