By Shannon Mirabito

What You Should Know About Our USDA Certified Organic CBD

Head & Heal is one of the first CBD companies in the country to earn the prestigious USDA Certified Organic seal! In bringing you the highest quality products, we have obtained three organic certifications:

  • Our Farm: the soil and the processes we use to grow our hemp
  • Our Lab: the facility where we turn our hemp plants into CBD oil
  • Our Packaging Facility: the place where we mix the ingredients to make the products you love

What does USDA Certified Organic mean?

The USDA organic seal is a highly coveted labeling mark in the world of agricultural products. To be labeled organic, a product must meet specific standards such as:

  • Crops must be grown in soil free of synthetic chemicals for a minimum of three years
  • Certified organic products must not use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides
  • Farmers must keep a list of every item used in the cultivation process such as tools, containers, etc.

How do you get this certification?

The USDA enlists a third-party organization to evaluate the growing and processing conditions to see if they meet official USDA certification standards. This can be a difficult, lengthy process. To obtain this certification, USDA Certified Organic CBD products must be grown under strict conditions. First, it must be extracted from organically own hemp. Secondly, it must not be processed with any synthetic chemical additives. 

Why should I choose an organic CBD product?

Organic CBD oil is healthier for both you and the enviroment. The USDA organic certification assures consumers that the product is safe. This means the CBD product is free from synthetic chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, and other harmful toxins. Additionally, this certification ensures that farmers are using sustainable practices; farmers must use practices that maintain or improve soil conditions and minimize soil erosion. 

Where can I buy organic CBD?

At Head + Heal, we offer a wide array of organic CBD products ranging from CBD oil tinctures to softgels to topicals on our website. You can also find our products in a store near you. As always, be sure to check with your doctor before adding CBD to your wellness routine and check your state’s laws prior to purchasing a CBD product.