By Shannon Mirabito

CBD is being added to wellness routines everywhere due to its wide array of potential benefits. CBD can help promote a sense of wellbeing, relief from everyday stress, support healthy sleep, and so much more. Interested in trying CBD yourself? Well, now you can get yours at Rochester’s local grocery store, Lori’s Natural Foods.

Lori’s Natural Foods was founded in 1981 by Jim and Lori Starts. Jim and his wife always had a garden for their family. Jim had the opportunity to retire early and decided to turn his love for wholesome foods into a small store in Rochester, NY. The store, known as Lori’s Natural Foods, carried one line of vitamins and a few bulk items. Today, Lori’s Natural Foods is committed to supporting good health, the health of the community, and that of the planet.  

Lori’s Natural Foods and Head & Heal have one important thing in common: a passion for providing people with the best products to promote health and wellness. At Head & Heal, we focus on growing the highest-quality hemp on our 60-acre organically certified farm. Here we turn our crops into various CBD products such as tinctures, salves, and gel capsules right here in upstate New York. We are committed to producing top-of-the-line broad and full-spectrum CBD products to our customers all while creating jobs and supporting our local economy.

Do you want to discover more about CBD? Check out Lori’s Natural Foods Center to purchase CBD or browse our full-spectrum CBD products here