Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures

These tinctures are meant to be taken orally, under the tongue.

  • 300mg CBD Oil

  • 600mg CBD Oil

  • 1200mg CBD Oil

  • 2400mg CBD Oil


Broad Spectrum - THC Free Tincture

Our 600mg Broad Spectrum Tincture is THC free!

  • Broad Spectrum -THC Free – 600mg CBD Oil


Limited Edition CBD Softgels

Our full spectrum CBD oil packed into a capsule for easy consumption!

  • Limited Edition – 20mg Softgels – 30 Count


Pet Tincture

Place on your dog or cats food.

  • Pets – 300mg CBD Oil



Choose from our Original Blend, Flower Blend, or Forest Blend.

Original Blend

Our original formulation is just the basics – CBD Oil, Coconut Oil, and Beeswax.

  • Original Blend – CBD Salve – Small

  • Original Blend – CBD Salve – Large


Flower Blend

We infuse our coconut oil with Arnica, St.John’s Wort and Lavender. Arnica is a strong anti-inflammatory that is used to heal bruises and reduce pain. St. John’s Wort helps with nerve regeneration and is used to heal sprains and strains. Lastly, lavender is a nervine, which works to relax the nervous system, helping to reduce anxiety and improve relaxation.

  • Flower Blend – CBD Salve – Small

  • Flower Blend – CBD Salve – Large


Forest Blend

We infuse our coconut oil with Black Birch Bark, a strong anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. We complemented the black birch with a black spruce essential oil to help you find calm anywhere you are.

  • Forest Blend – CBD Salve – Small

  • Forest Blend – CBD Salve – Large



New Product! Our lotion is formulated with cocoa butter and shea butter.

  • CBD Lotion – Flower – 600 mg

  • CBD Lotion – Unscented – 600 mg