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CBD Tinctures

These tinctures are meant to be taken orally, under the tongue.
At a lower potency, our 300mg is perfect for small pets.
Most people start with a 600mg tincture and work up to the 1200mg if needed.

  • Pets – 300mg CBD Oil

  • 600mg CBD Oil

  • 1200mg CBD Oil

  • 2400mg CBD Oil



Perfect for aches and pains, we formulated our topicals to be powerful.
Choose from our Original Blend, Flower Blend, or Forest Blend.

Original Blend

Our original formulation is just the basics – CBD Oil, Coconut Oil, and Beeswax.

  • Original Blend – CBD Salve – Small

  • Original Blend – CBD Salve – Large


Flower Blend

We infuse our coconut oil with Arnica, St.John’s Wort and Lavender to complement the natural anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties of the hemp. Arnica is a strong anti-inflammatory that is used to heal bruises and reduce pain. St. John’s Wort helps with nerve regeneration and is used to heal sprains and strains. Lastly, lavender is a nervine, which works to relax the nervous system, helping to reduce anxiety and improve relaxation.

  • Flower Blend – CBD Salve – Small

  • Flower Blend – CBD Salve – Large


Forest Blend

We infuse our coconut oil with Black Birch Bark, a strong anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.
We complemented the black birch with a black spruce essential oil to help you find calm anywhere you are.

  • Forest Blend – CBD Salve – Small

  • Forest Blend – CBD Salve – Large