Today is 4/20 – A day many use to celebrate cannabis. Here in New York State, we live in what is called a “prohibition state” – a state where cannabis is still illegal for recreational use. At Head & Heal, the end of prohibition is important to us, so important we actually work hard to help shape the legislation in New York State when it comes to hemp and cannabis.

Lobbying in Albany
Did you know that our founder, Allan Gandelman, is the founder and President of the  The New York State Growers and Processors Association? The association represents farmers, processors and other businesses in cannabis. As the cannabis industry develops in New York and across the country, we want to ensure that small and midscale companies can participate in the industry. We actively advocate for laws and regulations that support New York growers, processors and consumers. 

Our Impact

It’s the LAW – Guaranteeing Product Potency and Purity 
In 2019, we were instrumental in passing the Hemp Extracts Bill. One of the main goals of this bill was to protect you, our consumer! The bill created clear labeling regulations in New York State that require companies to list where their hemp was grown and provide a QR code to full panel 3rd party lab results.

Why is this so important? Because the FDA currently does not regulate hemp and CBD, there is nobody ensuring product potency or purity. In a 2019 study, Leafly found that half of the CBD products tested were mislabeled or had no CBD in them whatsoever. 

When will we see cannabis legalization in New York State?  

We were hopeful we would get it done in 2020, however, due the Corona virus we’re looking at 2021 (hopefully!) We’ve been working for months with the Governor’s Office and the legislature to help form the policies for the Adult Use Marijuana Program. We’ve been working hard to ensure that the legislation prioritizes licenses for small farmers instead of large multi-national cannabis corporations. The goal is to create 100s of New York State small businesses instead of 3 giant mega-corporations that control the industry. 

So what will cannabis legalization look like for consumers?

Well, you know how you can go to a craft brewery and enjoy a beer onsite with your friends and family?

Our image for cannabis is the same. 

We are working hard to make sure New York legalizes on-site consumption for small farms. This means that sometime in the future, you’d be able to come to our farm, buy cannabis, enjoy it on our back porch overlooking the farm, and go blueberry picking.  Now does that sound awesome or what? 

Marijuana’s Impact on Our Economy

We’re seeing a major deficit in New York State’s budget due to COVID-19. Adult use marijuana could produce an estimated $1.3 billion in tax revenue for the state and municipalities. According to a study by the Rockefeller institute, legalization could create 30,000 jobs for New Yorkers. This could provide some much needed relief post COVID.