Karli Miller-Hornick and Allan Gandelman
Karli and Allan in front of the 2018 hemp crop.

At Head & Heal, we grow the highest quality hemp on our 60-acre organically certified farm. The process of turning our crop into CBD tinctures and salves takes place in Cortland, New York. We are committed to bringing the best, broad and full spectrum CBD products to our customers while creating jobs and supporting our local economy. 

A decade ago, Allan Gandelman was a high school teacher, troubled that his students were regularly eating processed school lunches full of sugar. He took action, starting a garden at his house in Homer with a friend. Years later, Allan is now a well-known organic vegetable farmer who serves restaurants, colleges, elementary schools, and families all over New York state. 

In a different part of New York state, Karli Miller-Hornick was working directly with struggling small farms, focusing on helping them to build sustainable businesses. She realized that the key to building a successful farm was to diversify crops and revenue streams. She advised over 300 farms throughout the United States on how to build Community Supported Agriculture programs and bring fresh, local produce directly to consumers. 

Allan and Karli met at a Sustainable Farming Program and became fast friends. Allan was battling chronic, debilitating symptoms of Lyme Disease; Karli was simultaneously struggling with severe anxiety. For both of them, full spectrum CBD provided the answer. They decided to go into business together and Head & Heal was born.

In 2017, the farm obtained one of the first licenses in New York state to grow industrial hemp. After a great growing year, Head & Heal started making and selling CBD tinctures at the CNY Regional Market in Syracuse, right next to the organic veggies grown on their farm. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and since then Head & Heal has expanded to offer salves, lotions, and softgels. 

The future looks bright for CBD in New York state, and Head & Heal is committed to producing the best quality products to help people live better lives.