Zoom Lavender CBD Bath Milk - Head & Heal
Zoom Lavender CBD Bath Milk - Head & Heal

Lavender CBD Bath Milk

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Enjoy 400mgs of silky smooth CBD Bath Milk!

This is perfect for relaxation of both body and mind. Just pour a quarter of the bottle into a warm bath and enjoy.

Our bath milk is made with a water-soluble version of CBD, which means it can fully mix into your bathwater with no blobs of oil left behind. Water-soluble nano-emulsified CBD has a higher bioavailability than regular CBD oil because its small particle size is able to penetrate the skin to get down deep where it is needed! You can expect wonderful results!

Lavender CBD Bath Milk


Ingredients: Water, Full Spectrum Water Soluble Hemp Extract, Organic Lavender Essential Oil.


Product Specs:

  • Good for 4 uses
  • Each use will contain 100mg of CBD
  • weight 8 fl. oz.
  • Lavender scented
  • All hemp grown on our farm in Cortland, NY
This can be used for 4 baths. Pour the bath milk into the bath down to the marked lines (on the bottle.) Each line contains 100mg of CBD. We recommend 100mg per bath.


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