Lavender CBD Bath Milk
Lavender CBD Bath Milk
Lavender CBD Bath Milk

Lavender CBD Bath Milk

Limited Edition

NEW: Silky smooth CBD bath milk!

This is perfect for sore muscles or chronic aches and pains. Just pour a quarter of the bottle into a warm bath and enjoy.

Our bath milk is made with a water-soluble version of CBD, which means it will fully mix into your bathwater. Water-soluble CBD has a higher absorption rate than CBD as oil; expect wonderful results.

Lavender is a calming scent and an obvious choice to mix with our CBD topical products.

  • 1000mg water-soluble CBD per bottle
  • 250mg CBD per bath 
  • 4 baths per bottle

This is a limited edition item. We only made 100 and once they are gone, they're gone!

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Ingredients: Water, Full Spectrum Water Soluble Hemp Extract, Organic Lavender Essential Oil.


Product Specs:

  • Good for 4 uses
  • Each use will contain 100mg of CBD
  • weight 8 fl. oz.
  • Lavender scented
  • All hemp grown on our farm in Cortland, NY
This can be used for 4 baths. Pour the bath milk into the bath down to the marked lines (on the bottle.) Each line contains 100mg of CBD. We recommend 100mg per bath.