By Leigh Martino

Our farm team has been hard at work since September harvesting our hemp plants and hanging them to dry so we can produce the CBD products you trust and love. Our harvest season runs from September – November. 

This year, we wanted to give our customers an inside look into our harvesting process.

Our plants start out growing in the field in neat rows.

Each plant, which is about the size of a small Christmas tree, is cut by hand and carried to a truck for transport. We do this manually rather than mechanically to preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes in the plants.

The plants are then carefully transported to one of our many drying locations to be hung for up to two weeks.

The team hangs the hemp plants by hand to dry inside one of our metal barns. Cannabinoids and terpenes are highly volatile, so if they are moved aggressively or shaken up, we will lose them and the final product, the CBD oil will have lower potency and terpenes. We preserve the integrity of our plants by hand harvesting. 

The first place we hang is in our iconic Reed’s Seeds barn within sight of our fields.

Here our plants are hanging upside down from ceiling to floor. The plants will hang dry for around two weeks before the curing and grinding process to make the CBD oil.

Hand harvesting, slow curing, and hand grinding preserves the integrity of our plants. By harvesting this way, the hemp flower is extracted is at 16% CBD content. If it goes through a mechanical harvester and a belt dryer, the CBD content will drop to about 8-10% and a majority of the terpenes will be lost. 

We’re creating a grade quality CBD oil from our plants through our harvesting process. Shop our CBD products.