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We use 75%  renewable energy!

We use 75% renewable energy!

We love the Earth.

We’re committed to sustainability because at our core, we’re organic farmers. We believe that farming doesn’t have to destroy the environment - it should work in harmony with the plants, animals, and soil around us. We don’t use pesticides, we rotate crops and we plant cover crops - all to keep our farm healthy.

These values guide us in our business decisions from the first day of planting season to the day we send our products out to you. We’re always striving to do more - and recently we became even more sustainable by changing how we consume electricity.

The big news: our processing facility, warehouses and office space are now powered by 75% renewable energy!

This is made possible by ReCharge NY; an economic development initiative in New York State. Through the ReCharge NY program, qualifying businesses and nonprofits statewide can lower their energy costs by using specially allocated NYPA power which is set aside by the state government and the NYPA board for economic support.

Companies (like us) who qualify have made commitments such as: remaining in the state, keeping or growing employment, expanding operations and/or making significant local investments in the business. ReCharge NY's goal is to attract, keep and grow business throughout New York - while also helping the planet.

As part of this program, our company also selected the option to pull a minimum of 75% of it's power from renewable sources; including hydropower, wind, and solar. Hydropower is also known as water power, and it's the process of using falling or fast-running water to produce electricity.

We are committed to revitalizing upstate New York and growing our company, so look out for more upgrades to facilities, green initiatives, and investment into employees and the local economy.