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Good CBD Starts with the Seeds

Good CBD Starts with the Seeds

This year, we're starting a new series where we'll take you behind the scenes at the farm so you can see each step of how your CBD is made. Step 1 - Seeds!  We've tested over 20 varieties of industrial hemp seed at our farm and continue to research the best varieties to produce high-quality CBD oil. 

In wine, the quality of the wine is highly dependent on the quality of the grapes that go into it. The same goes for hemp! The higher quality the hemp, the higher quality the CBD oil. 

What makes a good hemp seed? 

 1. "Feminized Seed" - Females rule the CBD world! 

CBD is found in the flowers that naturally occur on the female hemp plant. Male plants pollinate female plants and cause them to create seeds. Seeds drive down cannabinoid and terpene content in the plant - not good! All of the seeds we grow at Head & Heal have been feminized, meaning they've been treated so that they are 99.9% female. Each summer, we walk the fields multiple times scouring for males. One male plant could destroy an entire hemp crop. Last year we pulled a few dozen males out of our 40 acres of hemp. Later in the season we'll show you how we can tell the difference between male and female plants.  

2. Hemp for Fiber vs Hemp for CBD

Industrial hemp is defined as a cannabis plant with <0.3% THC, the compound responsible for getting you high, however, not all industrial hemp is created equal. 

Hemp grown for fiber focuses on the production of long tall stalks and plants are grown very close together.
Hemp grown for fiber will only produce 2%-3% CBD.
The hemp we grow at Head & Heal grows more like a big bush, they are grown more spaced out and focus on flower production.
These plants can produce up to 16% CBD.